Miloslav Bednář

prof. Miloslav Bednář, Ph.D.

Adress: Jilská 1, Praha 1, 110 00

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 723 893 432

1. Current position

Researcher of the Department for the Study of Modern Czech Philosophy.

2. Area of specialization

T. G. Masaryk, František Palacký, Jan Patočka, Idea of the Czech State.

3. Area of competence

Scientist, member of the Scientific Council of Philosophy at Ostrava University, member of the Scientific Council of Bioethics at Charles University.

4. Previous and other employment

Research Affiliaton with Council for Research in Values and Philosophy in Washington D.C. Teaching at three faculties of Charles University, UJEP University in Ústí nad Labem and Academia rerum civilium in Kolín and The Center for International Educational Exchange (Portland –Ct . –U.S.) in its Prague Study Center, Academy of Management and Communication, Institute of Law and Science of Law. 

5. Education

Philosophy and sociology at Charles University, PhDr. in Philosophy, Ph.D. (CSc.) in General Linguistics, Doc. and Professor in Philosophy.

6. Stipends, grants, stays abroad

1992 - IX.1993 Praha, Czech Republic Research Specialization, Research Support Scheme, Central European University. Theme: "Masaryk's, Palacký's, and Havlíček's Conceptions of Central Europe and Their Topical Importance." Elaborated in English.

1994 - III.1996 Praha, Czech Republic Research Specialization, Research Support Scheme, Central European University. Theme: "The Political Philosophy of Democracy and Human Rights in the Light of Changing Values after the Revolution in 1989."

1999 - Participation in the grant of High Education Support Program.

Central European University EUROPA-ED.

7. Publications

7.1. Monographs

Smysl české existence: česká státní idea a Masarykova česká otázka [The Meaning of the Czech Existence]. Praha, Academia 2018, 176 p.

Pohyb a řád: Pokus o fenomenologickou ontologii [Movement and Order]. Praha, Togga 2018, 336 p.

České myšlení [Czech Thinking]. Filosofia, Praha 1996, 390 p.

Spravedlnost, demokracie a česká filosofie politiky - Úvahy nad proměnou hodnot po roce 1989 [Justice, Democracy and the Czech Political Philosophy – Reflections on the Change of Values after 1989]. Votobia, Olomouc 1998, 169 p.

Editor: Idea dějin a Palacký jako myslitel. Soubor textů [The Idea of History and Palacký as a Thinker]. Praha, Filosofia 2019, 191 s. Autorství: Palackého idea dějin jako stálá provokace (s. 37-46).

Editor: Traditions and Present Problems of Czech Political Culture, The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Washington, D.C., 1994, 198 p. Authorship in this volume: Introduction (pp.1-7); The Character of the 1989 Revolutions in East-Central Europe and Czech Political Traditions (pp. 129-142); Ehics and Politics in Plato, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, and Jan Patočka (pp. 143-157).

Editor: Human Dignity: Values and Justice, Czech Philosophical studies, III, The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Washington, D.C., 1999, 250 p. Authorship in this volume: Preface; The Phenomenon of Human Dignity after Totalitarianism (pp.13-22).

7.2. Articles (selected)

"In Search of Central Europe, Tortalitarianism in 1982." In: Salisbury Review (1983), 3. Masaryk's Conception of Central Europe. Praha, 1983 (samizdat).

"The Philosophical Significance of Masaryk's Conceptions of Religion and His Interpretation of the Meaning of Czechoslovak History." In: Masarykův sborník VII, Academia, Praha, 1990.

"Komenský's Idea of Pampaedia and Plato's Paideia." In: Homage to J. A. Comenius. Praha, 1990 (English edition, 1991).

"The Philosophical Significance of Masaryk's Conception of the United Czech and Slovak Nations." In: Nations, Nationalities, and Ethnic Groups in Democratic Society. Bratislava, 1991.

"The Connections between Ethics and Politics in Plato, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, and Jan Patočka" (in German). In: Mesotes (1991), 2.

"Hegel's Mature Conception of Language and Society." In: AUC Studia philosophica (1991), 12.

"Masaryk's Idea of European Unity: Genesis and Significance" (in English). In: Central and East European Journal (1991), 10.

"Problems with the Central European Propositions of Rudolf Kučera." In: Critical Collection, II. Praha, 1991.

"T. G. Masaryk and the Pan-European Movement." In: The Pan-Europe of Bohemia and Moravia, II. Praha, 1991.

"The Origins of Czechoslovak Political Philosophy and the Modern Renewal of Her Interrupted Tradition." In: Filosofický časopis (Philosophical Journal) 2, 1992.

"Masaryk's Concept of Religion and Franz Brentano's Aristotelianism." In: Masaryk and the Brentano School (in German). Graz, 1992.

"The Attitude of the Czech Tradition of Political Philosophy to Liberalism from the Point of View of the New Europe." In: Liberalism and the New Europe (in English). Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic, 1992.

"On the Margins of the Publication of Patocka's Three Studies of Masaryk." In: The Masaryk Collection, VIII. Praha, 1993.

"The Rebirth of Democracy in Czechoslovakia." In: Kapu (in Hungarian), 1992.

"Problemes contemporains de la démocratie régénérée dans la République Tcheque, a la lumiere de la tradition de la philosophie politique tcheque et tchécoslovaque.Philosopher", - [15] (1994), s. 87-94. Contemporary Problems of Democracy" (in French). Revue de l'enseignement de la philosophie au Qučbec (1994), 15. Contemporary Problems of Democracy" (in French). In: Revue de l'enseignement de la philosophie au Qučbec (1994), 15.

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"Contemporary Problems of Democracy" (in French). In: Revue de l'enseignement de la philosophie au Qučbec (1994), 15.

"World War I as an Expression of the Spiritual and Moral Crisis of Modern Humanity." In: World War I, Modern Democracy, and T.G. Masaryk. Praha, 1994.

Tolleranza e Diritti Dell'uomo L'illuminismo e le sue Consequenze nella Mitteleuropa (1781 - 1948), 1 chap. "The Czech Synthesis of Civic and National Principles as an Alternative of Central Europe", Gorizia, Istituto per gliIncontri Culturali Mitteleuropei 1995, (s. 63-70).

Hé Heleniké Filosofiké Paradosé kai hé Tsechiké Ekepsé - Greek Philosophical Tradition and Czech Thought, one chapter in Greek and English: "Ho Platonismos kai hé Tsechiké Politiké Filosofia, Platonism in the Czech Philosophy of Politics", Athény, Municipality of Athens - Cultural Organization 1997, (s. 53-65, 141-151).

Verdrängter Humanismus - Verzögerte Aufklärung, 1 chap. "Masaryks Auffassung der Humanität und Demokratie als Grundlage seiner Konzeption von Zentral-Europa [Masaryk´s Account of Humanity and Democracy as Foundation of His Concept of Central Europe]." Europa und der Ostfrage, Vídeň, Klausen - Triade 1998, (s. 561-578), editor Benedikt, Michael, (ISBN 3-9500439-5-0).

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Comenius' Heritage and Education of Men for the 21st Century, Comenius's General Consultation as Instauratio magna rerum humanarum, Chapter : "Komenský's Approach to the Philosophical Presuppositions of Modern Science in the Light of the Present", Praha, Karolinum 1998, (pp. 69-73), editor Steiner, Martin, (ISBN 807184-602-3).

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7.3. Reviews (selected)

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8. Popularization

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Polemical article „Palacký is by no Means Put on the Scrapheap" in daily Lidové noviny –Orientace, February 13, 2016.

9. Organizational Activity

2016 - Organizing of Workshop commemorating the 140th anniversary of death of František Palacký.

Member of the Scientific Council of Philosophy at Ostrava University.

Member of the Scientific Council of Bioethics at Charles University.

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